Club Registration Instructions

The process for registering changed in 2009. 

You now register via the ACBL Webpage.  Only Club Managers may register, so if you usually have someone else register for you, you will have to do it yourself.  If you have problems, contact Mary.

Be aware that one of the changes is that the registration deadline is 48 hours before your event starts.  If you miss the deadline and still want to participate, Mary will help you.  Contact Mary.

if you miss the deadline or if you have any troubles with registration.

Instructions are HERE. - and are summarized below.  District 5 is not using hand records, so ignore the pages that discuss hand records.

 Here’s How:

Go to ACBL.org, and under "Tournaments", click on "STaCs"

There is a list of all currently sanctioned STaCs.  Click on "club administration at the far right on the line for D-5 STaC

You will get to the D-5 STaC Administration page on the ACBL website

The third link is the registration link.  Click on it.  It will ask you to sign into MyACBL.  If you aren’t already registered for MyACBL and you need help, click HERE.   

Once you have signed into MyACBL, you may use the resulting form along with the ACBL’s instructions to register all of your clubs for the STaC. 


You register for each club as a separate process.  However, THIS IS IMPORTANT:

You must register each session of the same club (i.e., all sessions with the same club number) at the same time.  Do not click on “Submit” until all sessions for the same club are registered.  Add another session for the same club by clicking on “add row” at the lower right.  If you have, for example, 3 sessions for the same club, before you click on “submit”, you should have 3 rows in your registration. 

For a new club (separate club number), start over.

After you have registered, go back to the STaC page on the ACBL website.  Click on “participating clubs” to make sure that you are properly registered. 

The week before the STaC, go back to the ACBL D-5 STaC page, and use the “update club database masterpoints” to update the player masterpoints in your copy of ACBLScore.  This is important to make sure that players are in the correct strats (or in the correct game, if you have a masterpoint limited game).

You will also see links to STaC Conditions of Contest, Sponsor Instructions, and results.

Please let Mary know if there are any glitches.  She will work with you to make sure that you are registered.