June 11-17, 2018

Setup & Reporting

New Procedures Managers Instructions Conditions of Contest Club Registration

Click on "Managers Instructions" for sanction number and event codes.


Continue to use Club Mode for your STaC.

Do not switch to Tournament Mode. In defining the specific parameters of your game, you must:

Set up as usual until you get to event rating.

Choose Option (9) Sectional Tournaments at Clubs for game rating.

Associate with club (y)

Number of strata-3-average of both players (use strat limits below)

Choose proper event restrictions.

Choose the proper status (usually: 1=Championships)

Played sessions (1) (unless setting up a two session swiss)

Enter strat limits (list below)

Multi site (Y) (unless swiss team event)

Enter tournament data

Use the sanction number in the Managers' Instructions

Enter the EVENT CODE. From the list below

Strat Limits (New for Summer 2016) :

A= 2500+

B= 750 - 2500

C= under 750

Limited games have strats determined by the club.

Remember all players in the game must have under the maximum for the game. Use average masterpoints only for determining the strat.

When the game with multiple sites is scored and the recaps are printed, only the session ranks will appear. There are no overalls for the individual clubs.
Back up your game files on disk for reporting to the DIC.
For help creating the proper file, Click Here.


Submit your results via email with the gamefile as an attachment, following the instructions under "Managers Instructions", above.

After you have attached your file, please check your attachment to make sure that it is the correct file. The file should be in this format: 1012xx.AC# where xx is the date and # is M for a morning game, A for an afternoon game, and E for an evening game. Example: for Monday morning December 7, the name of the attached file will be 101207.ACM. If your file name doesnít look like this, Click Here and try again.

You will receive a confirmation email from Mary. If you donít receive an email within 6 hours (or by mid morning, if you send the file at night), send email to the results address to inquire about your file.

Procedure for attachments to E-mail:

Sending an attachment is easy. For instance, the following explains how to attach a file using AOL.

1. Click the WRITE icon on the AOL Toolbar.

2. In the WRITE MAIL window, click ATTACHMENTS.

3. In the ATTACHMENTS window, click ATTACH.

4. Navigate to the folder that contains the file you want to attach.

5. Double-click the file you want to attach.

6. Click OK.

Just about every E-mail client has either a toolbar button or menu item that you can use to attach a file. Choosing this option generally opens a standard browsing window that enables you to locate the file you want to attach. After you find the file you want, just double-click and you should see the file path and name in your message header

For help in attaching emails in other email programs, Click Here