June 11-17, 2018


  Managers Instructions Conditions of Contest Setup & Reporting Club Registration

Evening Games:  All open games of at least 2.5 tables will be included in the main event.  Playing directors and their partners will be eligible for overall awards

Bots:  Clubs who normally use bots to avoid sit-outs may do so during the STaC.  However, the extra 1/2 table which is created by this process will count as a participating table and fees will apply for that half-table.

Charges:  Clubs will pay $6 per table, down from $7 per table recently

Payment:  Fees are due one week after the end of the STaC.  Those who have not paid on time may receive a reminder via email.  If a club does not pay within a week of the reminder, that club will not be allowed to participate in the next District 5 STaC




The strats are determined by average masterpoints for the pair/team. In an attempt to make the fields more equal, the Strats have been changed to
        A: 2500+
        B: 750-2500
        C: <750


Limited & Invitational Clubs

Clubs that normally run with upper masterpoint limitations may NOT run as open during the STaC.  These clubs must use the same masterpoint limitations during the STaC that they normally use.

Clubs which normally run as open may NOT run as limited during the STaC.

Clubs which normally run as invitational may NOT run as open during the STaC



Playing Directors

In small games (fewer than 5 tables), playing directors and their partners are eligible for overall. In larger games (5 or more tables), playing directors and their partners are not eligible for overall awards but will receive section awards based on the club game where they play.


Limited Games may have strats set by the individual clubs. 

The game will be scored as a stand-alone game unless there is another limited game with the same strats in the same session.

Individual Games may not be played unless a club normally plays an Individual Game in that session, or there are fewer than 3 tables.

A game which is planned as individual must register, in advance, as such.

The STaC will be stratified by average masterpoints.

For unlimited pairs games, the strat will be determined by the average of the 2 players. For Swiss Teams, the strat will be determined by the average of all players on the team. For limited pairs games, the strat will also be determined by the average of the 2 players, however, eligibility for the event is determined by the masterpoints of the player with the most masterpoints.

Sessions must contain at least 20 boards.

If fewer than 20 boards are played, the session will be scored as a stand-alone sectional side game.

The changes above are the only changes in the District 5 since December 2009.


There 3 sessions daily rather than the previous two.

Morning: Games that begin before noon

Afternoon: Games that begin at noon or after but before 6 PM

Evening: Games that begin at or after 6 PM

All open pair and unlimited invitational games use the same strats. You may not change your strats even if yours is the only game in its session.


All clubs must register on the ACBL website

Instructions are on the “register your club” link

You must update Club Database Masterpoints before STaC week

Instructions and link are on the ACBL D-5 STaC page

The ACBL website contains participating clubs and results

This information will still be available on the District 5 website also

All clubs must report via email

Clubs may no longer mail or phone results

Put your club number in the subject line of your results email

Deadline for reporting results is 24 hours from the end of the game, and 12 hours from the end of the STaC

Please report early!!

District 5 will consider making exceptions only for emergencies

Registration deadline is 48 hours before the event

Please register early! Mary will contact you if the deadline nears and you are unregistered. Exceptions might be made for problems.